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I'd like to know, are you LGBT (If so, which part of the acronym?) Or just a Supporter of LGBT people? I fit into the T acronym, since I was born male but have felt as if I was supposed to be female all my life (Currently Transitioning). Let us know if you want to :)

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Im the "B" and im also a supporter...

Well I'm gay, so I'm in the "G" of the acronym. 

No problem, I made the group but then deleted my account as I was going through a hard time, but I realised that there wasn't a group for LGBT's so I made one :)

I'm a strong supporter. Why  wouldn't you support the LGBT community? Is it really that hard? I think not.

Well, some people do have beleifs against this, however, supporting this community shows that people have a much bigger heart than some expect. :/

B. Born a Bisexual, and express that openly. 

Asexual Pansexual -- or Panromantic Asexual...so I'm part of the longer acronym.

Nice to see another Panromantic. I wanted to include the people in the longer acronym, but then the group may have been a bit too hard to find.


i'm a supporter and i'm the "b"

I am a supporter. Tryin to reduce the hate at my school for 'em

That's cool. Nobody deserves to have hate thrust upon them, especially for being themselves.


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