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Where did you perform?
What did you do?
Were you nervous?

Release your inner monologue and tell us about your performing experience. 

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Me and mah band played at this little burger joint close to my place.. It was really good for a first gig, and they had a little buffet for the 70 or so people that came. Lastly, I wasn't nervous but... the fried chicken wasn't settling too good... So that made me believe I was, but we got on and really enjoyed ourselves.. Felt like awesome. Yes..
IM a child actor, singer, guy on Broadway. I have done some broadway readings but i haven't done a full production Broadway show. I'm still working on it. I have agents, managers, and stuff. lol
I'm a comedian, chorus, theatre and Marching band person.

Marching Band is the best! This is what my marching band did at a festival http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAit51hGBDM!

I've been performing in one way or another since I was young, whether it be singing, dancing, acting, or playing an instrument. Destination Imagination has helped me grow a lot as a performer as well. Though, as I get older, performing is less my style. I love theatre and film and everything about them, but my favorite part is being behind the scenes. Cameras, lighting, sound, costumes, direction, editing, pretty much anything except the spotlight. But I guess that's okay for an apiring young director, right? :D
I have been performing since I was six, I am much older than that now, and I continue to perform still today. I love theatre! I also have performed songs that i have written ( which I was the most nervous about because I didn't know if people would like them.) I have done dance, theatre, guitar, ukelele (i know i know its weird), singing, and much more... I am no longer nervous about performing because I have been doing it forever.

I perform in plays and musicals when ever I can. I also play flute, guitar, and violin. This year I performed at my school's talent show and it was very scary. They was almost 400 people there and I was shaking so hard! To make matters worse, the band that when before me blew all the amps out, so no one could hear me. People in the crowd started to yell that they couldn't hear but I didn't know that so I got more nervous. then when the sound turned back on the microphone screached so loud but I kept singing. I didn't win the talent show but my friend Robert's did and they are really good. Yo should check them out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE9jQuPddow Here's the liknk enjoy!


I enjoy acting. I've never gotten to act in a real movie (though I hope to someday) but I have been in many plays, both inside and outside of school. People rarely expect it of me, because I'm so quiet and shy in person, but when I'm onstage I really like to let myself out of my shell and show the world what I'm made of.

I don't remember where. I danced, sang, and played instruments. Not really. I felt awesome and happy doing what makes me happy.
I've played jazz piano at restaurants, been in a few bands, and I've been a street musician. I'm currently the singer/keyboardist for a new EDM project called City And The Scourge, where we're cowriting with several artist in Utah Valley and Salt Lake Valley. I've taken dance classes but have never danced on stage (At lest since taking dance classes: it was bad before!). Hope to change that fairly soon! I did choir and orchestra in school, and have sung a lot at local venues and at church.

I'm usually at least a little nervous before I perform, but once I get going it feels natural and the nerves feel welcome. And then after I perform I try to not dwell too much on how I did.
I act in Indiana. Small parts of course, but I am/ was TERRIFIED! My friend dragged me into acting



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