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Hey all, Utah Represent! Yep that's right, pretty normal round here. Nothing to see.
I mean really, there is NOTHING TO SEE!
Unless you like red rock cliffs, great skiing, awesome mountain ranges and sand dunes. Lots of diversity here............ and occasionally a polygamists or two.

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My wife and I are born and raised in VA, but consider UT a second home. We each have massive extended families out there, and spent most of our summer vacations visiting them, growing up. Many childhood memories of family reunions at Bear Lake, going to Lagoon with the cousins, and driving down to Cedar City for the Shakespeare Festival.

On top of that, we got married in Salt Lake, while finishing school at BYU. Spent the first year of our marriage in Sandy, before moving back to VA. We love Utah.

Still have yet to meet a polygamist, though.... Do you know many?
Kudos on the best state slogan ever! I'd like to make it to Utah someday, it looks really pretty in pictures...I'm sure it's better in person.
Hooray for Utah! And you mostly see polygamists in Southern Utah, where I'm from. They go to Walmart a lot. =]
But yeah, Utah is great, even though there isn't much here. But Lagoon is amazing! And the mountains here are gorgeous. And while I am one, not everyone is LDS (or "Mormons"; we aren't polygamists). =]
GO BYU!!! Woohooooo!!!

YEEE! 2002 Winter Olympics, thats us! GREATEST SNOW. ON EARTH. =D

Poligomy has been illegal here since Utah became a state.
I still LOVE Utah!!!!
I don't know of a better place to live... Or a better college, GO BYU!!!!!!
I love Utah...

Have you guys heard of Mythicon? If so, where should the Utah place be? Southern Utah anyone? ;D

Hello beasts! I'm from Utah! :) I'm up north though. gumbo, maddy, and i were thinkin about the mythicon on the 17th. He said,  "As a facilitator for your mythical meet-up, might I suggest  Cluff's Carhop Cafe  in beautiful downtown Fillmore, UT." anyone able to make it?

thanks! be your mythical best!

~Camille (zebra-Fairy)

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Utah...nuff said..

Posted by Sam on August 4, 2010 at 4:33am

Hey everybody! I live in Utah and its pretty rad. I've lived here my whole life and wouldn't want to move anywhere else haha but yeah. And i enjoy Rhett and Link. 
P.S. Stay Classy CommUtah - The Crossroads of the West

Posted by Sarah M. A. (DancingDolphyn) on November 22, 2010 at 10:24pm

I commented on the main group wall, but then I decided to start a Utah discussion for any future Utah-based mythical beasts.  What's your favorite thing that Utah is famous for?  The Great Salt Lake? Promontory Point? The Greatest Snow on Earth? The Arch?

Reply by Nadia (Nuno) on January 16, 2012 at 7:56pm

The GSL. All the way.Untitled

Posted by Fiona Rodrick (The WerePanda) on November 11, 2011 at 9:48pm

Utah although from Washington I say Washington is betterUtah, Home to FrySauce!

Posted by Clara (Star-Nosed Platyphant) on October 19, 2013 at 11:56am

Here I am in Utah! Who else in in Utah???????


Reply by THE BEAST on October 19, 2013 at 12:17pm

I don't live in Utah.. but hats off to Frysause!!!! :)

For the record the statistics of Polygamists to Non-Polygamists is Like 3% to 97% NOT. Polygamy is...um...different...its also a small religion that practices it known as the FLDS. NOT to be mistaken with the LDS church which does in no way practice polygamy. I love Utah, i'm born and breed here. I live in Utah County in American Fork (Go Cavemen). I'm a Journalist, Artist an a MYTHICAL BEAST!!!



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