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Hey Popcorn is our official snack food....

Lets share where we live and what our favorite thing about Illinois is!!!

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Born and raised in Peoria now I live 40 miles west in a small town called Elmwood.


Sorry I made another Illinois discussion. I love the beautiful lake.
I'm from Southern Illinois...sometimes it feels like a totally separate state from Springfield to Chicago. I'm about 4 hours south of Chicago. When people find out I'm from Illinois they sometimes ask. "Oh yeah, Chicago?" NOPE! Though it's unofficial, the good ole Land Of Lincoln should has a North and South just like Carolina.
I'm in northern Illinois! Not quite in Chicago, but only a 45 minute drive away, which actually isn't too bad :) Really, sometimes there are things to do and sometimes there aren't! XD If you look hard enough you can find some fun things! (Ex: Richardson Farm in the Fall, A petting zoo thing I went to once but forgot the name of, etc.) Also, I would not leave for one reason.. Deep Dish Pizza. But really you all have been to Lou Malnatti's (Idk the spelling) right? You should go. Right now. It's worth it.

Hey guys new member her!

Chatsworth IL Livingston county kinda boring here actually

Chi-Town all the way!!! Taxes suck but it's home. Why would I leave? Everything's here. And also all the pizza.

well, not really "ALL" of it any longer . . . we've finally got some of the real stuff here in Dallas now

I treated my family to a large Gino’s Supreme (pepperoni and Italian sausage, onions, green peppers, mushrooms) last weekend!


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