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I feel like i am the only Coloradan mythical beast. please correct me

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I sometimes feel I am the only one in UTAH, but thats not the case. I found some people on Reddit even. I am sure you are not alone:) 

There were, at one time, multiple Colorado threads, which were consolidated into one in Jan-2014 as part of the GART clean-up project that eliminated well over 100 duplicative discussions.  Unfortunately, the member who created the one surviving thread has since closed out her account and all her posted content is forever lost.

You are the first to post for Colorado since that happened in Jan-2016

I thought I was the only one too... I am from Aurora, Colorado and a newish member (discovered Rhett&Link the beginning of 2016). It is nice to meet you.
Ya. I live in boulder. So we're closeish
I also started at the beginning of 2016


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