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Here's a list of actual show closings from the Wheel of Mythicality (according to episode):

  1. Link fires Rhett.
  2. Intense eye-brow workout
  3. Rhett arrests Link (on lactose drunkenness).
  4. Try to get the last word (Link wins)
  5. Looking for our lost cat, Chocolate
  6. Kung-fu Dubbing
  7. Rhett's abrupt exit
  8. Link falls in a deep hole. (He likes it.)
  9. GMM's 30 Year Anniversary (Link has puddin' scared out of him)
  10. Play Mercy (Huge-hands Rhett)
  11. Rhett ignores Link.
  12. Staring contest while being attacked by a hawk
  13. Pioneers stake the same claim.
  14. Rewind the show
  15. Two Romans posing for statues
  16. Link turns Rhett into Frankenstein.
  17. Link is an alien.
  18. Attacked by an eagle
  19. UFO landing
  20. Animal Documentary
  21. Talk Shakespeare
  22. Rhett & Chuck are afraid of Link when he takes his glasses off.
  23. Treat Jason like a monster
  24. Link accidentally reveals he is a spy.
  25. Rhett tries to cheat on Link's test.
  26. Crash-land plane (First spin after wheel modification)
  27. Scout Master Link teaches fire.
  28. Link sneezes uncontrollably.
  29. Negate each other (except on their awesome shirt)
  30. Link loses his phone.
  31. Switch bodies ("I feel awesome for once.")
  32. Replaced as hosts of GMM
  33. Fire Jason
  34. Play at the playground (Special Mythical Close!)
  35. Water gun fight (Special Mythical Close!)
  36. Hug a stranger (Special Mythical Close!)
  37. Rhett realizes he is dreaming.
  38. Rhett is an overprotective parent.
  39. Earthquake
  40. Win the lottery
  41. Link vanishes
  42. Indecisive burglars
  43. Act like cats
  44. Dance Gangnam Style
  45. Drill Sargent Rhett yells at Private Link.
  46. More interpretive dancing
  47. Pro Wrestler Rant
  48. Taser each other (Special Mythical Close!)
  49. Rhett is sure he can fly.
  50. Rhett confesses things stolen from Link.
  51. Rhett first learns of the Internet.
  52. Rhett takes Link's seat.
  53. Sentimental slow zoom 
  54. Link gets a call about the zombie apocalypse.
  55. Link moves into the studio.
  56. Shout out to Denmark!
  57. Rhett is an amateur dentist.
  58. Interpretive dance (help us!)
  59. A wild monkey is loose in the studio.
  60. Glued to your chairs
  61. Link knows something Rhett doesn't.
  62. Link picks Rhett's pocket.
  63. Rhett and Link exchange gifts.
  64. Becoming overly emotional about everything.
  65. Link laughs (NO WHEEL SPIN)
  66. Spoiled Birthday Surprise (Chuck Testa spins)
  67. Abrupt Ending (Joe Bereta spins)
  68. Rhett's kids try to wake up after a million years of sleep.
  69. Push-up Contest (Special Mythical Close! Link wins!)
  70. 200th Episode! Realize that the camera wasn't turned on (Body Beard product launch)
  71. Rhett is new GMM intern (asks critical role-playing question)
  72. Link can't stop talking or he will explode.
  73. Write letters to each other (Special Mythical Close!)
  74. Rhett loses his mind.
  75. Rhett is a bull, Link a toro bravo
  76. Link knows something Rhett doesn't. (See #61)
  77. Link reveals his biggest secret.
  78. Interpretative dance
  79. Camera tilts up
  80. Link turns into a cow.
  81. Smell each other's shoes.
  82. Rhett is afraid of heights while standing.
  83. Get yogurt (Special Mythical Close!)

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Pinkie Pie--I mean, Bailey--they are not ending the season yet, and you won't hear about it here first. This is just a record of the wheel of mythicality, which is how each show ends, so it's the end of the show.


I crack up everytime I read this reply. Lol I love it.

21. Link does a terrible job with Shakespearean dialogue. 

Anyone have a favorite show close from this season or last? I think #18 "Being attacked by an eagle" is my favorite from this season so far. 

I think today's at the playground takes the cake! It's special. 

Ha! It shows how nicely they can play together. I wonder if they shouldn't do a whole show on the playground. What smiles!

Once again Phil - - - just a huge THANK YOU for keeping up the Wheel of Mythicality directory for our quick reference. 



Thanks, Gumbo.

Good thing the Oct 31st ending wasn't Link picking Rhett's pocket, taking his seat, or something non-functional like that. Now, Link vanishing might have been pretty funny. An interpretive dance would have hurt someone, like the viewers laughing their heads off.

Perhaps in an effort avoid conflict on spins that require both of our hosts, Rhett the Solo Host avoided spinning the wheel. Will the fabric of the universe remain intact?!



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