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Again, hm.


I'm a passionate overer and i didn't even know it until i saw this video.. 

Link's inspiring words are an obvious choice for today's t-shirt . . .

haha I was just thinking about that quote. Well, the first one.

Like Rhett, I didn't really pay attention. Now I think about it every time I see a roll of toilet paper.

http://rhettandlink.com/videos/in-the-80s-song-rhett-link  GET OUT OF MY HEAD RHETT & LINK.  haaha.  This is so Christopher Guest.  The more I watch these guys, the more I am seeing Christopher Guest.  Rhett and Link are Spinal Tap. 

I prefer it over, simply because it's easier to get at, and it seems kind of silly to me that people would try to justify  a certain configuration based on any other fact than that.

Staying in the bathroom, think of it like a pump soap dispenser. If the nozzle is turned away from you, it's not that big of a deal to reach around the back and get the soap. But since its only purpose is to be used in that one fashion and it's a bit easier when facing toward you, why not just put it facing toward you?

I actually really enjoyed watching their discussion in GMMore. It was a bit more on the serious side than other episodes, but it was interesting to see how they work through their differing opinions. The episode had taken on a kind of candid quality. 

Totally agree!

I very strongly believe in putting the roll over. I do not want my TP coming in contact with any walls or other objects when it's about to come in contact with me. In my current bathroom, there is actually a ventilation grate/duct a few inches below where the toilet roll holder is placed (don't ask me why someone would configure it that way), and I REALLY do not want my TP touching THAT.

My roommate who shares the bathroom with me always faces the roll under when she puts it on, but then I change it...she never changes it back, but then when she puts a new roll on, it's under again. The joy of roommates, huh?



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