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I'm not sure which I find more amusing, Link's weird insults or Rhett's surprise/amazement at Link's weird insults. You'd think after a 30+ year friendship Rhett wouldn't be surprised by anything Link says.

I think that's a great thing about their friendship -- they still find ways to surprise each other and make each other laugh. :) Even if it is via mildly disturbing and generally weird insults...

I agree! Link was really on a roll there.

He looked better without the eye patch.  Tattoo would have looked more intimidating on the neck or arms.

Just prior to the eye patch, he looked pretty intimidating.  After the eye patch, he began to look silly.

Per  R&L usual, when giving purported self-help advice, they start out serious, then drift off into the absurd, such as a piratical eye-patch.  :)

Most effective tough-guy things in the make-over - hair style reboot, the voice change, behavior change.  He's great at making himself into someone else.   Agree that the scar and the eye-patch were cartoony.

Agreed! By the end Link was fully into a different character. It's fun when they verge into the silly, though.

Oh, yes.  The absurdism is part of the charm:


"Also, I'm your biological father."


BAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!  That swerve into left field in the refrigerator sketch made me laugh til I l nearly peed myself.  Then I called the phone number and laughed some more.   

Victoria mentioned their upping the ante on graphics edited into the show, and I really noticed it in this episode! The flash transitions at each change were really nicely done.



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