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My heart dropped to my stomach when I heard that GMM is going on hiatus. Maybe Link isn't fulfilling his wife's needs..... but he certainly isn't fulfilling mine! GAHHH!

I'm just playing (no I'm not!). Have a good holiday break you guys. See you next year!

As soon as they said they had an announcement, I just covered my face in dread. Guess I'll just rewatch s2! Also a Holiday special is exciting! It'll be cool. 

So let me give you a little story. I am WAY too attached to my iPod, and YouTube is about the only thing i use it for. I have been re-watching season 1, 2, and GMCL. My routine is i get up, turn on the new episode of GMM while I'm half asleep. and watch old episodes of GMM while I make my bed. And I know what they said, "Re-watch season one!" I already did! "Re-watch season two!" I. ALREADY. DID. I cant keep watching all of these! So I though of a plan.

*pause for dramatic effect*

Since there are 4 weeks left in the year (more or less),  I thought I would not watch the rest of this weeks episodes, and watch one a week.

So I guess this is the end of season two, beginning of season three! sad face for end, :( happy face for beginning! :D

Wow! Stay strong. I don't think I could wake up and see the new ones in my inbox and not watch them. But that's a really good idea! 

thanks yeah I think I'm gonna watch season one from the beginning. I'll visit the Komm, but I'm not gonna look at the new discussions that Gumbo123 stars. ehhh this is gonna be hard.... :(

I was so sad  I started saying things to my computer! I'm not kidding! Rhett and Link were saying its going to be ok. then I kept saying no, no its not! and I agree with Dana

I'm gonna miss you guys so much good job on season 2! can't wait for the Christmas special!

Those interactive toys are just creepy - TRUTH??? :)

Holiday Time - YEAH!!! :)

There's a ceiling fan in the studio and Link looks like Slender - OMG!!! :)



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