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Those kids are so cute. 

They are!!! The thumbnail is great. :)

excuse me, but I believe that you actually intended to say . . .


Oh my gosh, Locke's reaction to the salty licorice was priceless. XD I've had the stuff before; that was basically my reaction too.

Did we all just witness Rhett actually feed the Finnish version of a Swedish Monkey Turd to his kids on the internet?




The Finnish Salmiakki Association (in Finnish)



Read a review blog of various Finnish salmiakki candies, written from the viewpoint of someone who has never tasted them before (until now) :



I've had salty licorice before (not salmiakki specifically) -- the ammonium chloride flavor is NASTY. Can hardly taste the licorice flavor (and I'm a huge fan of licorice).

I love trying gross, weird things and now I'm really curious. But LOL at this guy's face! 

The bounce castle has to be some sort of TARDIS as it travels through time and space - BOO YAH!!! :)

I want to try some bacon beans - NOW!!! :)

Shepard is really smart to smell before taste - TRUTH!!! :)

I think this is the episode I'm going to show my friend to convert her into Mythical Beastliness. Just because Rhett's kids are so FREAKIN ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! :D



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