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Link's description of the McDonald's biscuit - - -

  • that is a muuushy biscuit
  • that biscuit would be good to sit on
  • this biscuit is flavorless
  • this biscuit is mushy
  • this biscuit is . . . there's not even butter in it
  • there's no butter baked into this biscuit
  • this is a horrible biscuit
  • this is a heinous biscuit
  • I mean I'm not gonna spit it out, but I'm gonna give it a 1 . . . A ONE!
  • I gotta drink, man
  • and I know exactly where it's from, I'm not apologizing for it
  • KFC. Bam!


Besides the fact that, after all his bashing of this most lackluster of all biscuits, Link purposefully slams one of Rhett's favorite restaurants, this description was most hilarious to me because it immediately put to mind the following sketch, as I'm certain it also did my fellow MP fan Kevin (Uniseal):

That shop owner is a Nougat if I've ever seen one.

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