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I noticed this morning that PART 1 of the new split video episodes has a green box around it to make it stand out a bit in the upload listings.

Part 1 was standard GMM fare, if a little short. Other than the "sickly" yellow lighting, this seemed pretty much like a typical episode of the old format. Nothing to complain about here.

Part 2 was ok, though I may have been at a disadvantage by not knowing about or being particularly interested in the interviewees. However, when they told Joe they had secured his lost hat, I did feel a little saddened by his "You're -- joking..." that started off slightly hopeful and trailed into disappointment. It seemed that for a second, he genuinely thought they had somehow managed to find it, only to be let down.

Part 3 was... well, entirely scripted. It felt redundant to read off the definition of a word and then repeat it wrapped in a story. Cutting out the first definition would have made it a bit snappier.

Part 4 was... well, also entirely scripted. I think the "helium rant" concept would have been much better served as a Debate-o-Rama. Like Part 3, this just seemed like (true or not) R&L reading jokes they didn't write.

By the time I got to GMMore, I had completely forgotten that Link had won a foot-related prize from a foot-related game a few videos prior. And once into the actual massage, the video was cut short very abruptly. Though my favorite of the five videos today, it felt like Good Mythical Less.

Overall, every video felt pretty rushed, especially at the end of each segment. Perhaps R&L are purposefully trying to make short videos to retain viewers or something. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when they respond to the criticism of the format change.


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