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What a bizzare episode! Absolutely loved the weirdness, and of course the whatever-ness, of the episode. Couldn't stop laughing! I liked how casual everyone was about eating the nachos off Link. Also, it was nice to see Rhett's son in the gmm and gmmore too!

BEST LINE: after several minutes of Rhett, the Krew and guests eating nachos off of Link's body parts . . .

  • Shepard:  Did you take a shower this morning?

I had no idea why "Boiled for safety" would appear on a mug, but for anyone else not in the know, it apparently comes from Fish Bait Taste Test. I guess it's become somewhat of a catchphrase in the YouTube comments.

Yes, you've tagged the original occurrence and the phrase "BOILED FOR SAFETY" has appeared somehow, either by R&L, muttered by a crew member or invoked in the video viewer comments, in nearly every eating challenge video since then.

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Wow, am I really that oblivious? I guess it's understandable that I'd miss the comments, since I never venture down there. But any utterances in the episodes have flown right over my head.



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