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It's sad that most pee on the go are for men. I have the woman's one and it's easier to squat...LOL!!

The women's version isn't even really a pee-on-the-go solution since there's no container. I did see a few online that have a container. Then again I think if you're really that desperate, any bush or tree will do. 

I so agree

Let's just everyone hope and pray that Locke and Shepherd never select a clip from today's show for SHOW & TELL day at school when the topic is "What does your Dad do for a living?"



What Is The Angle System For Branding?

The Angle System for branding (also called the International Alpha Angle System) was developed by Dr. R. Keith Farrell at Washington State University in the 1960s. It is commonly used when freeze branding horses and is perhaps best known in the United States for being used on United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) horses, aka "mustangs". It offers simplicity, universal application, and the need for only two branding irons to make any number. Usually, when using this system the brand is located on the horse's neck. A BLM brand will be located on the left side of the neck.

Here are the symbols used in the angle brand system. Only the bar and right angle symbols are used. We have put numbers next to each symbol so you can easily see which number each symbol represents.

The Angle Brand System symbols


Typically, when using the angle system the horse's year of birth is shown first by using the last 2 digits of the year the horse was born, stacked on top of each other. The numbers following the year of birth are a unique number series used to identify an individual horse.

For example, this brand:

An example brand


Would be read as:

How the example brand is interpreted

The "02" is the year the horse was born. The "9 8 5 6 7 4" is a unique number assigned to a particular horse.

So, if my tag code deciphering skills are accurate, Maddie's birthday is :  April 23, 2000

Or is the cows birthday???



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