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I loved this episode.

I just was a bit bummed 'cuz of Megan Fox. Don't take me the wrong way, the episode was funny and the boys (I guess specially Link even with jokes about Megan's previous movies) tried to include her and things like that.

But she was almost all the time crossing her arms and stuff like that. But yeah... I guess her hotness (in a non-objectify matter) made the video prettier.

It was a great ep.

According to a YouTube comment on this video (which isn’t exactly a reliable source so take with a pinch of salt), Fox is quoted as saying that she’s too self-conscious to even watch her own movies. If true, it could certainly explain the way she acts in this video. It IS kinda uncomfortable, but the episode was fun despite that.

So if it's true.. I take back all of what I said.

It makes sense if you are self-concious/awkward or things like that.

Thanks for the info.


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