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I really would like to hear Lee Newton from Sourcefed. She is absolutely hilarious and she has an amazing story. The other guest I would like to here on Ear Biscuits is Elliott Morgan and Mike Falzone. 

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Just to give everyone resources, here's links to all the Ear Biscuits thus far: 

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ear-biscuits/id717407884?mt=2

Soundcloud: (there are links to the individual episodes as well): https://soundcloud.com/earbiscuits

I want Dwayne Johnson

I would like to hear Ray William Johnson, Ryan Higa, Caspar Lee and Connor Franta. 

But especially Ray William Johnson and Ryan Higa, because i feel like there's much about them that a lot of people don't know about. Someone also mentioned Rhett and Link - parenthood, and i think a lot of people would find that interesting. 

I'd really like the friendly Rosanna Pansino to make an appearance. She is such a sweet woman and it would be fun hearing more from her. Also, the amazing Mark Fischbach. He's such a funny man with a nice charm to listen to. (I'm not sure if either of these YouTubers have made an appearance before, since I am a new listener to Ear Biscuits, so please kindlt let me know if either have been on already. Thanks!) :)

I think DanTDM!

I'm late to the game but starting to enjoy these now that they are video format instead of audio podcast.

I'd like to see future episodes or perhaps a series where they revisit guests from the early days or check in for updates on the lives of some of the folks featured in their hometown commercials and early music videos . . . perhaps not the entire show (admit it, nobody could not take a full hour of Rudy the Cuban gynecologist and American auto salesman) . . . it could even be done via Skype ala the GMMore visit with Bill "The Crooner" Newman

Here are a few humble suggestions:

YouTube vlogger Maccadole who was featured in the R&L song video HARRY POTTER SONG

Six years later she's now 30 years old, still living in Sweden where she works at a local elementary school (preschool / introduction to first grade) and is still an active vlogger with nearly 3,000 followers.

Richard (a.k.a. Big Head) and Johnny (a.k.a. 10 Gauge) from RED HOUSE FURNITURE

The Homestead Pickers - - they're still the "house band" at SILVER DOLLAR CITY in Branson, MO


Anthony Padilla or Ian hecox

i would really like to hearr or see the slow mo guys on ear biscuits

That would be AWESOME

Tyler and Josh from Twenty One Pilots.


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