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It was great to see that R&L heard and addressed the feedback about stopping the full video episodes. It's a little unfortunate that the new schedule will introduce a split audience  -- like back when GMM was available earlier on Vessel -- but if that's what they need to do, I can't complain.

Since it's unlikely that I'll listen to both audio-only and video within a six-day period, I'll likely always just wait until Sunday for each episode to see it in what I consider its best form.

(P.S. This comment is two days late because I didn't actually know about their reinstating the video until today. I unsubscribed from the This is Mythical channel after last week, since the only thing I watched on it was Ear Biscuits.)

I had also unsubscribed when they announced no more full video EBs; now that they've decided to release the full videos on the following Sunday, I'm not sure which format I want to stick with, given the delay for video. I do really appreciate that they listened to people's feedback, either way!


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