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For a few hours, there was an episode called "Episode 92 - Link Goes To The Butt Doctor" that was just this video.

Now it has been corrected to list Episode 92 as the official podcast for this week.

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The change in the video format, or the conversation itself?

I'm definitely not pleased with the fact they're taking away the full video podcast in order to drive people to the audio versions. It feels like a strange bait and hook -- give us a few full episodes of video to get attached to, then take them away and say, "Oops, actually we want you to stick to the audio."

That said, people have rightfully pointed out that it's probably because of the YouTube "adpocalypse" happening with YouTube's biggest sponsors pulling their money recently, but the video podcast was a great alternative for those who could never focus on just the audio. Having it suddenly chopped up and never fully available again is very jarring.

As far as the conversation, I'm not into conspiracy theories of any sort, but it was kind of amusing to hear Link in particular challenging and not being very convinced for both the theories Lizzie and Ellie presented, haha.

I was mostly commenting on the switch from video, and I agree with all your opinions. I still am glad Ear Biscuits is back, though, so I can be content with that fact.

Nevertheless, I will admit this was by far my least favorite EB episode. I guess it makes sense, since apparently Lizzie and Ellie were the ones pushing for the recent celebrity gossip GMM episode, which was one of my least favorite episodes as well. I hate to be such a downer about most of the crew's writing, but their collective style of humor really just doesn't click with me. Outside of EB, the entire This Is Mythical channel kind of seems like R&L said the the crew, "What do the young'ns find funny and cool these days? Here's your own channel. Just do whatever."

I think Rhett and Link must find their crew's humor funny in some way, otherwise I don't think they'd put so must trust in their writing and creative directions (for better or worse)...but I do agree that This Is Mythical feels mostly like the crew's playground to just do whatever they want.

Just as a note: Since the full podcast is currently no longer available in video format, the video clips also don't have the proper Ear Biscuits episode title.

This week's episode title is "Hollywood Conspiracy Theories ft. Lizzie & Ellie."

Thanks for catching that. I created this and the other (now deleted) discussion based off the two episodes listed on iTunes at the time I posted. Now they have been consolidated into one episode, and so have the discussions.


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