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Here's a place to post some of the weirdest dreams you've ever had! I will be posting one myself, so stay tuned! 

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So one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had, possibly the weirdest dream started with me being in a fairytale world with Snow White. We were in a small cottage lit by the sun out the windows, and I was talking to her about beating the witch. I was trying to tell her that she was the only one who could do it, and if she wanted to beat her she had to believe in herself. All of sudden the witch came crashing through the door, knocking me to the ground! I tried to escape her the best I could, laying on the ground, using my hand to push myself away from her as she chased me with a magic wand swaying back and forth to cast a spell to end me. I finally was able to grab the magic wand from her hands and throw it away, but she then instead just decided she would strangle me. I was trying to escape, meanwhile yelling to Snow White that she had to believe in herself in order to kill the witch. She was still nervous, but then got a look of determination on her face. All of a sudden the witch stopped and fell to the ground, turning to dust. She had done it! We were celebrating when all of a sudden the witches a accomplice, and alien prince, showed up. But it was okay, because he had turned good for reasons unknown. He was like a centaur, having horse body, only his skin and fur were both blue. He wore a bright orange shirt that definitely looked royal. He had little hair, but he also had antennae. He looked a lot like an Andalite from the Animorphs series. 

Jump to a new scene The Alien Prince and Snow White were speaking with the magic mirror about what would happen next. I had to stay back. I watched them have a conversation with him, and then come over to me with smiles on their faces. I asked them what he said, to which the alien prince replied in his British accent, "He said, only I am fit to carry the fairest of them all." I thought he was talking about Snow White at first, but then he scooped me up in his arms, to which Snow giggled. Wait, I thought, I'm the fairest of them all? He carried me all the way to a big party where we celebrated our victory. I sat in his lap most of the night, and he gently caressed my hair until I fell asleep.

I wake up in a new place. A futuristic white room with several bunks sticking out of the walls. On each bed was a different species of alien or human wearing an orange jumpsuit. I'm also wearing an orange jumpsuit. I realize quickly I'm in an intergalactic prison. I know I have to escape. I notice at the end of each bunk is a holder and inside is a light saber. I pull mine out in order to fight my way out, but when I open it up, I find it's just a toy light saber and get frustrated. To my fortune however, the other aliens around me don't know it's a toy, and cower in fear when I pull it out. I escape the cell, and start running down large flights of stairs to get out. All of a sudden I bump into a prison warden, who is basically a large, glorified cartoon dog. I start taking large space jumps down the stairs to escape from him, but he catches up to me. 

That's when I woke up. I was so confused, but laughed so hard at the weirdness of the dream. 

I had a strange dream of this old woman telling me that every time i bathed in her hot tub, this cat would show up and then i'd know the identity of some random person. O.o then these two weirdo bathed in the stupid hot tub with me and we learned some people and yeah.

weird dream

Okay so recently I just had this dream that made me wake up with a really sore throat. It's so weird what dreams can make feel like or turn your feelings into. I got this whole package of raw hamburger shoved and my mouth and my sister was supposed to be making it for dinner. And it broke open inside my mouth so I tasted all this disgusting raw hamburger and I was trying to get it all out of my mouth before I swallowed cuz I thought I would die! It made me throat so sore


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