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Everybody loves David Tennant, but who else do you like? What do you think of Christopher Eccleston, or Tom Baker?

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I guess my favorite is the ninth. from the (pretty few) episodes of the old series I saw I like the 4th one more, but I don't think I saw enough episodes to judge.

Doctor # 10 #11 used to be awesome, but now he kind of sucks

David Tennant defiantly my favorite but number nine was very good, i'm torn now but when i first started to watch 11, i like 9 much more

I'd have to say that Matt smith is the best. He's intergenetic and optimistic.

I like David but other than that I do like Matt Smith. Christopher Eccleston was ok. Tom baker was pretty good! He was the one who started jelly babys. Which I have found and tried: They are very good

10th, defiantly.

IT would be 10 or 11.

Sorry but David Tennant is my fave, he's my whole family's fave.

The 3rd Doctor

I like Tennant, Baker and Smith.

im so so sorry David Tennant it the best .

Defenitely Matt Smith. He's got that something "doctor-y" in him.



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