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Doctor Who is one of the of the most quotable tv shows out there, because its been around for so long and because it's just so awesome.

Some examples:

(i found this video on youtube, seemed fitting)


There are A LOT of good quotes missing from this person's video. A LOT.

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My favorite quote is "hello sweetie".  Yeah it's not a doctor quote but I think it sums up the show experience so nicely.

I liked when Rory and his dad were arguing, and Rory ended up saying something like 'i'm too old for a christmas list, i don't have one' and the doctor shouts 'I DOOO!!!' In a very excited way

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey XD

Oldie, but it made me laugh so much: 'Always take a banana to a party, Rose, bananas are good.'

Another one: '...From the day they arrive on the planet, and blinking step into the sun. There is more to see than can ever be seen. More to do than - no, hold on... Sorry, that's the 'Lion King'. But the point still stands.'


aah, how i love that weird guy

:) i agree. those are great quotes. i's a 9th and 10th doctor girl, too.

:D gotta love the 9th and the 10th!

that was a great line!!

I think the "extremely clever" quote from the video is probably my favorite, but I also really like this dialogue:

Doctor: "And Doctor Song, you've got that face on again."
River: "What face?"
Doctor: "The 'He's Hot When He's Clever' Face."
River: "This is my normal face."
Doctor: "Yes it is."
River: "Oh shut up."
Doctor: "Not a chance."

"In 900 years of time travel, I have never met one person who wasn't important."

"There's a thing. Actually, four things. Well, four things and a lizard."

"I'm just going to walk into this police box and arrests myself."

"its bigger on the inside" 



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