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Even if it was just a single episode companion, or technically not one like river song, or CaptainJack.

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Rose. She and the doctor were the most compatible. she was the only companion to be able to work the Tardis, and she was just awesome!


Please dont read if you haven't seen through series 6 and you want your mind to be blown.


My favorite companion is this crazy family plus Brian:

these guys are my favorites because that's the season I started watching *my first love*. but going back I love the others a lot too. 

lol thats an awesome picture

one of the funniest things i've seen in awhile

i have to say i love jack. but donnas brilliant to. but then thers amy! oh and rory! OH! I CANT DECIDE!!

I love them all too much to pick a true favorite (except Martha, who I could live without), but I wish that Lady Christina de Souza from "Planet of the Dead" with Tennant had stuck around with the Doctor. (I know, Tennant was leaving, but still.) I thought she was a great character.

Ace easily from the 7th doctor. She loved explosions! What would you want more.
Ace easily from the 7th doctor. She loved explosions! What would you want more.

No doubt, Donna. I just love her...Sassy..ness

amy and rory but oswin idk, CLARA I CANT NOT LOVER HER YA KNOW?

ok but wait K-9 

Amelia Pond. Can't go against who I wish was my namesake



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