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Who should be the next Doctor?  my nomination: 

Matthew Gray Gruber (a.k.a. Dr. Spencer Reid from CRIMINAL MINDS)



NOTE: this video was obviously put together by a fangirl (NOT ME)

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Nice video you made Gumbo (hæhæhæhæ) and I totally vote for Matthew! He's freaking awesome ^.^

Some unknown person, so he can fully adopt the Doctor's role, and we won't see him as "that guy from... [insert show her]"

You do realize the actor has to be British?  My nominee is Paul Bettanay, see who he is in the link. My vote for the next Doctor

I know who Paul Bettany (corrected spelling) is . . . really liked him in Knight's Tale and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, but not much else that I've seen him in.


But who says he has to be a Brit?  Never seen that in the Dr. Who Rulebook before.

Your most likely right, just saying that it's a British show, so most all actors are from the U.K.

A friend of mine told me that the next doctor might be a woman. That'll be interesting.

You people forget, the next doctor should be a ginger, an unknown actor who is a ginger.


There should be an older Doctor next. I don't think they could swing it, but I would LOVE to see Michael Caine as the Doctor. A more grandfatherly character would be nice, in my opinion. 

Benedict Cumberbatch - because he's Benedict Cumberbatch, 'nuff said

I agree he would be amazing, but he's already Sherlock!




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