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I remember way back in my kindergarten days, we had "show and tell." I was always excited about "show and tell" time and I can remember once bringing in my pet parakeet, Tasha, to show to my classmates. Anyway, I digress, I thought it would be nice to have a show & tell section where we can share pics, etc. about what we are working on. Please show & tell about your creations. :)

One of my current projects is making sculptures from unwanted items (aka "trash"). Whenever I'm ready to throw away an empty container or bottle, "I ask myself what can I make with that?" And I end up saving an assortment of plastic or glass bottles/containers. I also have a collection of burned out light bulbs ranging from the average incandescent bulb to mini halogen ones and floodlights.
Here's a pic of my Recyc-a-lite bird sculptures, named "Flora", "Blueberry Cheeks" and "Pip." My facebook fans helped me name the last two birds, they are always so good at helping me think of names for my critters! :)

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I like all your dresses. Here's a compliment from my 2 year old daughter: She said "barbie" when she saw your picture! :)

Nikki Reed (Chickcharnie) said:
I actually finished sewing a dress for myself last night. The pattern is Simplicity 3835 (Built by Wendy). It's kind of...blah, but hey! $4 dress! And, I'm no good at taking pictures indoors or of myself. So, this picture is pretty blurry. Anywho, here it is.


I'm creating a TARDIS out of old science fair projects...I'll post a piture of it when it's done. I think it's gonna be pretty cool

Here's a Rhett and Link needlepoint pillow I made a while back, I sent it to R&L but fear it may have gotten lost in transit. Unfortunately this picture is a little shadowy (it looks like there's dirt on Link's face) but you get the idea.


My current mythically crafty project is another needlepoint project. I'm participating in a mythically crafty exchange with Alexis and I'm making her a Belvedere cross stitch. I thought I might post pics of the process as it goes along. Tonight I sketched Belvedere onto the aida cloth. This is how I begin all of my custom cross-stitch stuff. No fancy patterns and stitch counting for me. Pencil on cloth all the way!

And, I've posted a pic of this in Beast Kreations, but here's the Firey puppet I sent to Rhett and Link.

Love your birds


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