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I sell my creations at an art co-op in Janesville, WI. I also have some of my Up-Cycled sculptures on consignment at a store in IL. And I have an Etsy shop, http://www.lillybugboutique.etsy.com.

Why? I love to work with my hands and create. There are so many things I want to try and so many things I want to create. I find working with my hands to be very therapeutic and satisfying. I have a passion to create!!!! I have met some very nice customers selling through Etsy. I enjoy learning about my customer's stories when they share them with me. It's wonderful when something I make can make a positive impact in their life and/or help brighten their day.
I sell my knitted hats to those who sign up on facebook - the group is called "Sign up list: Hats by Kendra"
I sell these hats for $10 each (unless there is a charge to send it via mail - that gets added on)
I sell these hats to raise money for paying my way through college
For more details - Join My Group!!!
cool!! Good for you!

I don't sell mine yet I'm still finding something that I can make a lot of with it still being good quality, but when I do; there is a store thats in biking distance from my house call mercy and grace gifts, its a family owned shop,I want to see if they would let me sell them there.

I make bottle cap earrings and many other types but havent found to many people interested yet

While I do see people being successful selling various crafts, I personally don't want to sell my knitting. Or at least I won't commission anything. It would take the leisure out of it. People sometimes ask me if I can knit them a sweater, and I give them some high price that they would never pay.


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