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we all know all christians dont believe the same some pentecostals, like me, and some range from anything from methodist to baptist. so what are you and why lets get some conversation and debates goin. but come on yall keep it nice.

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I'm Catholic, woohoo! :D Let the debates begin! haha, jk. It's just, people always start these debates from me when they hear I'm Catholic.
Debate? NO! As long as you believe in God and that he sent Jesus to live and die for us - then u got it! And I know because i WAS a Catholic. I just went to NON DEMONINATIONAL because I didn't want a "religion" and didn't want to have to follow their rules - I wanted a relationship a God.
Erin, Megan and other Catholics - I just recently read "Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession" by Anne Rice. She describes her Catholic upbringing, her 20 years as an atheist and her recent return to her Catholic beliefs. I'd never learned much about Catholicism (besides the issues that most other Christians debate about) so it was really interesting and gave me an appreciation for Catholicism from a Catholic's perspective. I've always loved Anne Rice (I was an atheist reading her Vampire Chroinicles 11 years ago) and she has such a way of expressing the "little" things that make something precious. I still don't agree with some Catholic doctrines, but her book totally changed my mindset about judging who "has a relationship with Jesus" and who doesn't.
Tasha I loved how you said this "my mindset about judging who "has a relationship with Jesus" and who doesn't."

It's only God who is our Judge. He alone knows who is saved and who isn't. I get people asking if a person who lives there whole life and never once heard about Jesus, will they go to heaven. Only God knows the answer to this. We only have opinions about it. It's up to Him and Him alone who goes to heaven. He is sovereign.

God bless!!

I'm Catholic too! Yay!! :)

I am Catholic.
I'm Wesleyan.
I'm Baptist :)


When I said debates i meant more of a freindly conversation. The fondest memories of this past school year for me was the discussions I had with my class mates about what we beleive and why. I had no intinion to affend anyone with what i said. I just thought it would be fun. I know when I did these "debates" it really made e want to study more and accually brought me closer in my walk with God. but again sorry if i affended anyone.
It's all good Douglas ! These discussions are healthy and getting to know what others believe and why like you said! Those of us who joined are all Christians - and we love the Lord - so we all are here for the same thing ! These discussions will be fun and we can help each other !
Naw, you definitely didn't offend me, and I don't think anyone else was either! :) Friendly conversation is the best. :D



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