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mine is nowhere man
i like all the songs that i know, i cant choose a fav
Picking a fav song is really hard. They have such good music that its almost impossible to pick just one! I have a few fav albums though. I really like Rubber Soul and Revolver =]
hey jude
#1 to the benifit of mr kite
#2 blackbirds
#3 across the universe
btw did anyone see that movie?
i love all of those songs, thats because i love all the beatles songs.
love that one
my sister feels the same way
#1 - Strawberry Fields Forever
#2 - She's Leaving Home (always always always makes me cry [this is not the song's subtitle])
#3 - Julia
1. hey jude
2. elegnor rigby
3.strawberry feilds for ever or rvalution (across the universe)
1. Can't buy me love
2. Elegnor rigby
3. Hey jude
4. All you need is love
5. Hard days night
I it posiible to have a FAVORITE Beatles song when they're all awesome??!! :) (:


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