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i play the bassoon

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CLARINET :D Photos can be seen on my profile. HELLO FROM SINGAPORE!
Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, Clarnet, Saxaphone, Piano, Drums, Mellophone, French horn, tuba, cornet, trumpet and bells. Yeah. I have no life.
I play mainly any Percussion instrument, but some other stuff too. I'm in my school's Concert Band, Marching Band, and Pep Band. But most of all, I love being section leader of my High School Drum Line. Go Snare!

I play my throat.... (Sing) but I also play Clarinett:D and piano.(:

-Hola from Maryland!:D

Clarinet , flute , reorder , guitar .. yupp , i have no life :D

Tenor Saxophone

Top bass drum in drumline. :)

SWEET! I like bass drums :D

Mellophone and French Horn. Rock, Rock on, Mellos!!!

Trombone and Piano!

TRUMPET-I have trumpet in my blood!!

I play sousaphone during marching band and flute during concert. I'm the only girl tuba at my school, so it's like having 7 brothers who have your back. <3


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