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Hi, I love Artemis Fowl, actually I have a friend who's taken to calling me 'Arty', and I just wanted to see what everyone's favorite book is. Mine is 'the Time Paradox'. I just love the multi layered conflict.

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Argh! I can't pick just one! I like the Arctic Incident, the Eternity Code, The Opal Deception and the Time Paradox the most though :)

I was encouraging someone who was on the original Artemis Fowl to stick with them just today. I told them that the books got better as you went on. Eoin Colfer kind of gets ahold of how to play the characters. They become deeper characters in the Arctic Incident. That one is pretty much the first ray of hope for Artemis.

My parents are trying to get my sisters to read more instead of constantly playing on their iPads, so I suggested to my eldest sister (who is 9) that she try Artemis Fowl. She didn't want to, but I talked her into it and now she can't put it down :)

Over the past 31 months, (I've been reading them that long) I've assimilated various friends into the collective of Artemis Fowl. There were some pretty awesome reactions, my favorites being, "Artemis is Irish? That image just doesn't work in my head.", and "Artemis is a boy?"   

My fave has always been the Eternity Code for sure.


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