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Did you ever wonder where GMM ranks amongst it's competitors in the land of YouTube?  The website http://socialblade.com keeps track of such things.

Below is a capture from today's sorting of the Top 500 YouTubers filtered by number of subscribers where GMM is #219 on the list and the original Rhett & Link channel comes in at # 272.

Re-filter the list by Social Blade Rank* and GMM comes in much higher at #126, while R&L-1 ranks #271. 



* SB Rank - - when Social Blade was created we first just listed rankings based on # of subscribers and # of views, but it quickly became evident that this was not an accurate indicator of how people were actually doing on youtube.

Someone could have a bazillion subscribers that they cheated to get but not have any actual views. The SB ranking system aims to measure a channel's influence based on how many views they are actually getting, how they are doing networking wise (i.e. who has them in their box), and other factors.

If you have a A+, A, or A- SB rank then consider yourself very influential on youtube. If you're not there quite yet don't fret, just keep up the good work!


That's why some high volume channels get really poor SB ranks, because they get lots of hits but much fewer subscribers, so not as attractive for advertisers since there is not a consitant viewer base. 



As for number of views, neither of the R&L channels ranks in the top 500 . . . in fact, it would take roughly 79 million more views for the main channel to break into the bottom of that list, and over 109 million for GMM . . . but still they do come in honorably at #680 and #788, respectively.


And who sits atop the heap? Coming in at #1 subscribers and #5 in total views (just behind The Beibster) . . . I guess there's just no accounting for taste in the land of YouTube . . .

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i am so excited to see all these numbers. i am OBSESSED with youtube numbers, especially the subscriber/video view ratio. (gmm has a particularly high volume of subscribers that do watch EVERY EPISODE, versus itsgrace and other daily (or similarly-scheduled) uploaders. the main channel performs even better in this aspect, since most of their videos have MORE views than they have subscribers, probably due to the easy share-ability of a 3 minute music video versus a 10-14 minute show.  (and the quality of the production. their main channel vids are gorgeous.) i wish i had access to the analytics link was talking about a little while back, where they can track how many people view and actually watch the whole video all the way through. 

UPDATE:  as of today . . .

  • RhettandLink2 (GMM) is the #117 most subscribed YouTuber.
  • RhettandLink  (main channel) is the #221 most subscribed YouTuber.
  • RhettandLink3 (GMMore) is the #1219 most subscribed YouTuber.

I don't know about you, but I personally never bothered to subscribe to GMMore because I just hit the link at the end of every GMM episode.  Is that wrong of me?

Now you can personally experience what you may have seen people rant about in the comments whenever it happens: "Why was Good Mythical More uploaded before GMM?"


GMM continues to rocket up the charts, having now broken the Top 100 . . .

R&L Main Channel steps up a bit further and now surpasses the SHAYTARDS as it strives to exceed the 200 mark . . .

GMMore is now above 1,000 . . . not too bad for a one year old!

I'm also going to add that the GMM channel has been and will continue to move up the list fast. GMM has been stedely getting huge numbers of subscribers for a long time. They're actually #4 on the list of channels with the highest subscriber gains in the past 90 days. This site says that they will jump up to over 6mil subs in the the next 90 days!

UPDATE: now at #75

Still moving up the ranks . . . GMM has now surpassed GaGa and Pitbull but, sadly, still lags behind Toby, the NBA and (saddest of all) the dreaded Pewster

Main channel only stepped up a few spaces . . . not really surprising since there have been no song or skit releases since "I'm On Vacation"

Wow! GMM just seems to be exploding with new growth, getting around 1 million new subscribers every two months! I too enjoy keeping track of their stats on SocialBlade.


GMM now has over 8 million subscribers and moved into the #62 slot. 

We would have been pushing the Top 50 except that YouTube has started registering and tracking all of those TOPIC interest groups such as #Sports, #Music and #Movies. It looks like 11 of these groupings are ahead of GMM in total subscribers.  Plus, the Social Blade record isn't completely accurate given that they somehow are reporting VanossGaming as the #18, #19 and #20 most subscribed channel.

So, apples to apples, I would say that GMM is somewhere around #45 in comparison to the last report when we last looked at the numbers just 7 months ago . . . which is quite a leap!

The sad news is that, outside of the TOPIC groupings, Mr. Pie retains the top spot for most subscribed channel.  Really, folks?  Over 10 BILLION video views!  what is this world coming to?

Also, the Rhett & Link main channel has slid down the scale to #247 - - - partly due to those new TOPIC conglomerations now accounting for 99 of the top 5000 / 14 of which are ahead of R&L in the rankings - - - but we're still ahead of Lil Wayne and creeping up on the Cute Girls Hairstyles channel.

Another milestone today as the original R&L Main channel climbs over the 4 million subscriber mark.

Meanwhile, R&L-2 a.k.a. the GMM channel is steadily making its way to 10 million.

UPDATE:  the latest http://socialblade.com rankings place Good Mythical Morning in the 54th spot overall. 

Knock out the amalgamation topics (Music / Gaming / Sports / etc.) and auto-managed VEVO musical artist pages and GMM is actually now the 36th most subscribed active YouTube account. 


As of today, January 4, 2017 ~ the latest http://socialblade.com rankings now place Good Mythical Morning in the 63rd spot overall. 

Apples-To-Apples . . . let's again knock out the amalgamation topics (Music / Gaming / Sports / etc.) and auto-managed VEVO musical artist pages and GMM moves up 20 paces to 43rd most subscribed active YouTube account - - a 7-place drop from last year's position. 



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