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Hi beasts! I was thinking about it yesterday and I decided to make a YKYWTMRALW ( you know you watch too much rhett and link when) list. So if you have any suggestions comment below and I will ad it!



1. Whenever someone says good morning to you, you can't help but say Chia Lincoln.

2.  You've made mythical beasts out of ALL your friends.

3.  A youtuber says link in the discription, you quickly scroll it down and yell, " NOT TRUE!!! LINK IS NOT IN THE DESCRIPTION!! HE'S PROBABLY WITH RHETT!!"

4. you see the word "community" you automatically think that it's spelled wrong- Gisela

5. someone says "nope"  you automatically respond with "chuk testa"- Emily W

6. you freak out when someone says North Carolina- Emily W

7. you're chillin in your youth pastor's office and he pulls up a playlist of R&L videos and you can name every one of them in the first 5 seconds without seeing them.- Emily L.

8. You throw a rhett and link themed party- Emily W

9.You get very angry at the lack of mythical beasts in your school.

10.You cry tears of joy when your mythical shoes come in the mail.- Emily W.

11.When crossing State Borders you get out of the car and dance across- Emily W.

12.When driving across the country you stop at the EXACT SAME rest stops from the mythical road trip in March- Emily W.

13.You get out your recorder that hasn't been played since third grade- Emily W.

14. whenever one of your friends goes on Facebook, you start singing the Facebook song. AND You've  done this so much, your friends now sing along!- Raven B.

15.Whenever one of your friends is grilling, you automatically tell them how every southern state barbecues.-Kim

16. you realize that you are now DEATHLY afraid of frogs. - Raven B.

17.Whenever you see or read something with some type of karate, you sing the Sudoku song.- Raven B.

18.Your mom asks you if you want a laptop for christmas.and you tell her that you'd  rather have Mythical Shoes.- Raven B.

19. You've Never really considered buying a  ShamWow!  . . . no matter how convincing Vince Offer'sinfomercial pitch is . . .  BUT NOW . . . - Gumbo

20. You're not exactly sure why, but you are certain that BADGERS HATE MONGEESE- Gumbo

22.Saddened and frustrated with the miserable selection of mythical beast coloring books available at the local bookstore, you decide to create your own.- Gumbo

23. you're replying to a discussion like this on their website.- Kevin(Uniseal)

24. You take the time and money to make them an awesome clock!! YEAAHH!!!!- Shanelka

25.The only reason you know how to make guacamole is because you memorized the song-Jessica V.

26. you have had more than 5  dreams about meeting Rhett and Link.

27. you go into a public bathroom and end up coming out of it singing the Perfect Bathroom Trip Plan- Val

28.You teach your goddaughter to wash her hand using the Perfect Bathroom Trip Plan-Val


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... You wonder what happed to your long weekend off, and then realize you spent it catching up on ALL of Rhett & Link's videos, even the ones not on their channel

... You think GMCL was the best! 

... Someone says Velma and you immediately think of Link instead of Scooby-Doo (and you don't care, AND you miss that hair).

whenever there's a problem you can't solve you say "rub some bacon on it" (been there done that can't find the t-shirt)

You're definitely not thinking the same thing as everyone else if water proof flooring is mentioned.



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