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Hi beasts! I was thinking about it yesterday and I decided to make a YKYWTMRALW ( you know you watch too much rhett and link when) list. So if you have any suggestions comment below and I will ad it!



1. Whenever someone says good morning to you, you can't help but say Chia Lincoln.

2.  You've made mythical beasts out of ALL your friends.

3.  A youtuber says link in the discription, you quickly scroll it down and yell, " NOT TRUE!!! LINK IS NOT IN THE DESCRIPTION!! HE'S PROBABLY WITH RHETT!!"

4. you see the word "community" you automatically think that it's spelled wrong- Gisela

5. someone says "nope"  you automatically respond with "chuk testa"- Emily W

6. you freak out when someone says North Carolina- Emily W

7. you're chillin in your youth pastor's office and he pulls up a playlist of R&L videos and you can name every one of them in the first 5 seconds without seeing them.- Emily L.

8. You throw a rhett and link themed party- Emily W

9.You get very angry at the lack of mythical beasts in your school.

10.You cry tears of joy when your mythical shoes come in the mail.- Emily W.

11.When crossing State Borders you get out of the car and dance across- Emily W.

12.When driving across the country you stop at the EXACT SAME rest stops from the mythical road trip in March- Emily W.

13.You get out your recorder that hasn't been played since third grade- Emily W.

14. whenever one of your friends goes on Facebook, you start singing the Facebook song. AND You've  done this so much, your friends now sing along!- Raven B.

15.Whenever one of your friends is grilling, you automatically tell them how every southern state barbecues.-Kim

16. you realize that you are now DEATHLY afraid of frogs. - Raven B.

17.Whenever you see or read something with some type of karate, you sing the Sudoku song.- Raven B.

18.Your mom asks you if you want a laptop for christmas.and you tell her that you'd  rather have Mythical Shoes.- Raven B.

19. You've Never really considered buying a  ShamWow!  . . . no matter how convincing Vince Offer'sinfomercial pitch is . . .  BUT NOW . . . - Gumbo

20. You're not exactly sure why, but you are certain that BADGERS HATE MONGEESE- Gumbo

22.Saddened and frustrated with the miserable selection of mythical beast coloring books available at the local bookstore, you decide to create your own.- Gumbo

23. you're replying to a discussion like this on their website.- Kevin(Uniseal)

24. You take the time and money to make them an awesome clock!! YEAAHH!!!!- Shanelka

25.The only reason you know how to make guacamole is because you memorized the song-Jessica V.

26. you have had more than 5  dreams about meeting Rhett and Link.

27. you go into a public bathroom and end up coming out of it singing the Perfect Bathroom Trip Plan- Val

28.You teach your goddaughter to wash her hand using the Perfect Bathroom Trip Plan-Val


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29. Whenever someone says Wiki, you think of her:

She's so smart

When your mom forces you to cut down on watching GMM because you watched it all day everyday for a month.

(True story. My mom had a talk with me about this.lol)

And when your family gets tired of your obsession with RandL and constant spewing of facts about them and from them :P

Literally almost everything everyone has been saying is me. With a few tweaks. :D

There's no such thing as not enough RandL.

When you go in for a Mythical handshake rather than a normal one!


you memorize all of the song lyrics to every single one of R&L's songs and then one gets stuck in your head every single day

yep, that's me

yep yep yep

You know you watch too much Rhett and Link if you really want certain episodes deleted and reuploaded due to them being uploaded on your "bad days" in school

Ha! That's awesome!

When you cross your fingers that you don't study Japan.

Never. You never watch too much Rhett and Link !

You know you watch too much rhett and link when-

-you exclusively drink coffee out of your GMM mug

-You get upset when no one notices your randl shirt

-You watch the free buddy system episode 100 times, and mourn cuz yer broke

-You sing along with the instrumental intro and outro music

Hahah this is fun! You know you're a Rhett and Link fan when you think of certain foods like, Taco Bell, coffee, Papa John's Pizza, Peanut butter, bacon, waffles, cereal and beans remind you of them instantly



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