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While posting WELKOMM notes today for new kommunity members, I happened to notice that there were three new mythical beasts named Emily who had joined in a relatively short time. 


At first  I thought that it was just an odd coincidence, maybe unusual but nothing to become alarmed over . . . but a tiny bit of research has revealed they are only the latest wave in the recent flood of these creatures which call themselves "EMILY" that are infiltrating the kommunity in alarming proportions.


It would appear that the komm is slowly but systematically being overtaken by a horde of these cunning creatures!  While most Emilies continue to conceal their true identity, hoping to blend into the general komm population by posing as a generic RandLer type, others have been so bold as to place photo images of themselves. 

Or is this really them at all?


Notice below that at least two of the Emilies appear to be two-headed.  Yet others disguise themselves as time travelling, humanoid aliens (a.k.a. "timelord") of the non-Fe-Mell gender.  And yet others have deceitfully shape shifted into a canine or tree rodent or other indigenous animal species.


And that's just on the first page. I don't even know how to begin to describe this:


So today there were only 3 new Emilies . . . but my preliminary investigative work indicates that they have stealthily grown a komm population in excess of 250 . . . and nobody knows for sure how many are going under false identities.  In the coming weeks I plan to apply for public grant money to fund an expanded research expedition into the wilds of the kommforest to determine what (if any) threat these Emilies pose to our safety and mythical well being.


Kommunity take note . . .

they dwell amongst us!


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I think you have too much time on your hands...

Well done. Say no to SCAMMERS and SPAMMERS - OMG!!! :)


Emilies spelled backwards is seilime. When broken apart, it produces sei lime, Italian for six files. When the number of emilies is divided by six, it would have made 42, the meaning of life in hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, at 252. But unfortunately, the emilies do not have the meaning of life in mind, totalling 253. Sei is also Afrikaans for cell. The emilies are going to put us in cells until they can get their hands on six documents of as of now unknown identity. Fear them.

LOL!!! :)

THOR of Asgard - HAHA??? :)

I am just...


I am the only Sidsel! I'm speshul!

so speshul in fact that Sid rides a school bus with only one row of seats 

(i'm fairly certain this joke will be lost in translation to a Danish mind)


HAHA!!! :)

I'm danish, not stupid...



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