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Would you rather be able to pick up ANY instrument, and instantly be able to play it. Or be able to produce one Apple* product a day.

Reply with your choice below


* - The brand Apple.

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Instrument!!! But does "be able to play it" mean "be able to play it well"?
it all depends if i can pick up the instrument and be amazing at it i would pick that and become famous, but if not id probably go with apple
Instrument. I love music way more than I love technology. Although, technology has made it easier to find good music. I want to learn to play a didgeridoo. And a eukulele!
Yeah Instrument...

I can't play anything... and the one instrument i'm interested in, I need to sit down and learn.
I want to be a Harmonica wizard.
I'm going to go with the more lucrative option. Being able to play every instrument would be a blast, but would serve only to entertain myself and annoy my husband, I'm sure. I think I'd rather be a Mac factory.
while i love apple LOVE it i would have to pick instrument, i love music and i play but i would love to be able to play anything i wanted to
I would love to be able to play all the instruments. Piano and guitar would be incredibly useful and it'd be fun to be able to play more unusual ones like the didgeridoo.
Instruments. No question. Plus, if I became a rich musican I could just buy all the Apple products I want. Win win!
Well, do u decide which apple products u make? Would it be a hard grueling few seconds?and  Does your voice count as an instrument?

what do you mean by produce? you mean like poop it out? or by magic?

and I would rather get an apple product a day, because then you could sell them on and get music lessons.

But then again if you can play any instrument you could earn a lot that way, and just buy the apple products =/


I would rather to be able to play the instruments ^_^


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