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What kind of facial hair would you prefer? and WHY?

I would love to see the discussion between Beard-Rhett and Moustache-Link.

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moustache... rhett told me a beard is very heavy... xD
Beard =P it suits my face more.
Beard. im a beard person
Mustache... although I find all forms of facial hair beautiful in their own right.
What category do goatees go in? Because I've made it a personal goal to grow a goatee some time in my life.
Why not both?

You are correct, Sir! And, guess who has a Mario mustache?

Kevin Peavler said:
hey jack sparrow has the sparrow beard thing with the two braids

Gumbo123 said:
Why not both?
NOPE! Sorry, but I think it's this guy from Russia . . .


Definitely a beard.
Beard, because i cant really grow a stache. Plus i usually grom a beard in the autumn and winter (for extra warmth)


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