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I was wondering if you will ever add a special section for the accomplishments of Kommunity members. For instance, members of the Kommunity that have graduated from high school, or college.Or members that have done something outstanding for the benefit of others.

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We meet pretty regularly with the Kommunity moderators to discuss the direction/development of this thing....so we're not ruling anything out. Maybe we should start a Kommunity suggestions section of the forum for stuff like this?
Behold! I give you the "Kommunity Suggestion Box," category here in the forum! I've moved this discussion over there and we can now encourage others to share their thoughts!
Here here!
I think this is a great Idea...a Kudos or a highlight of a Kommunity member doing something for the Kommunity,, and/or Rhettandlink.

What types of "acheivements or awards" could be made?


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