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There's no point if schools and places of business are trying to not be racist. Also why are black Americans called Afro-Americans if there not from Africa. My ancestors were from Scotland does that make me a Scotto-American no it only means my heritage is from Scotland. I have a black friend do we say he's an Afro-American no we say he's black because he is, as already stated, black. It's by putting tags on people that say I'm Afro-American , I'm Caucasian , I'm Asian that makes people forget we are all one race. A race created by a living god. A god who created one man named him Adam then created one woman and named her Eve. He is called Avee The Father.

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Questions on Job Applications about Race and Gender

In an effort to ensure that positions being offered by larger companies to the general public are being offered to and pursued by a diverse group of individuals, the government has put in place reporting requirements that mandate that these companies track this information through voluntary questionnaires.


The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Questions and Answers About Race and Color Discrimination in Employ...


It is not the governments job to check on companies to see if there hiring more white guys than black guys . It is the governments job to protect your rights and freedom as a citizen. So it's just another case of the government sticking it's nose where it doesn't belong.

So how do you propose they check to see if a company is receiving a diversified group of applicants and then hiring proportionate to the number of those who do apply?  Is tghey don't check, how can they protect?

For one the people don't have to apply.
And second the company can hire anyone they want.
Third , let's say two guys apply for the same job one white one black. The white guy had a college education and a clean record with the police. And the black guy only got as far as high school and has been arrested on several occasions. The company does not have to hire the black guy just because he's black, but if I were the guy looking over the applications and the black guy was mor suited for the work I'd hire him but if the other guy was more suited I'd hire the other guy.
So this shows that the companies shouldn't have to hire someone because of there race.
The government shouldn't be checking that anyways. They have no business doing that. And it is not the governments job to do that.

I have to agree.  It doesn't matter what race you are.  You should  be judged on your abilities not your ancestry.  No matter which way it goes if you are picked for a job position or school because of your race over someone with better qualifications then that is discrimination.  I have been saying that the race box should be taken off all applications/test forms since I was in middle school almost 20 years ago.  The only time I think it is useful is on birth certificates or drivers license for id purposes.  

Sadly this country went from one type of discrimination to another.  I hope I live to see the day that we are all truly colorblind. :-)       

You hit the nail on the head with that.
And you know what we should do, we should rally together with others that think like this and get some sort of petition or form or something to have this whole" what race are you question " taken off of these applications.
I agree with this. America has begun trying so hard to be politically correct, that it's now almost racist against white males. It's harder for them to get into college or get a good job now because people looking over the applications don't want to be called racist. I'm not saying we start taking away other people's rights to make up for it, I'm just saying let's stop worrying about the color of one's skin and more about what each individual is more able to do.
I agree as an American citizen, I find it scary that someday I might not have a job because the government said that if it came to me or a black guy they had hire to him even if I was more qualified for the job.

But I m not saying government is a bad thing I just think the government shouldn't have control of our futures.

Common law : do all you have said you would and don't encroach on others.

German proverb : the more government the less freedom.

Ronald Reagan : the eight most terrifying words in the English language are ' I'm from the government and I'm her to help'.

If there is to be a stable government it has to be a government by the people.

King Kang : people have two main faults. One they have to much faith in there government, and second they forget that government officials are there employies.



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