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Ok, my head is FULL of suggestions for the wheel so this is going to be a LONG list.


Rhett is Link's attourney in a lawsuit,

Rhett and Link are the last survivers of the apocalypse,

Rhett and Link discover fire,

Link eats Rhetts sandwich,

Link pees on Santa's lap,

Rhett discovers he needs surgery,

Tinman is ignored and needs oil,

Jealous of Jason winning the lottery,

Ferocious cat,

Jason is blood thirsty monster,

Jason reveals his face,

Link sprays Rhett with mace,

Rhett and link 3-way call wifes (r and l share a phone),

Rhett gives Link a wedgie,

Rhett and Link pretend to be the Ricardos (I Love Lucy),

Rhett and Link sing the Adams Family,

Rhett and Link meet the Easter Bunny,

Dr Suesse visits Rhett and Link (there bored on a rainy day. Like the book. Lol.),

Rhett and Link order Randy,

Rhett eats a jellyfish,

Link is pregnant (its a long shot. Lol),

Rhett has a blatter infection,

 And finally, Link attempts chest stand. Tell me if you like my ideas! :D










You got some nice ideas there.  However I really like the mystery aspect of not knowing what Jason looks like, so I don't think they should reveal his face for a while.

Maybe you both missed it, but Jason was revealed quite a while back. 

Jason is Awesome

He's even an active kommunity member . . . if you want to meet him > > >

   Jason Inman (Gorgonaximorus)  * Comment  *  Give a Gift

 , , , and if you're a really big fan, join the group > > > Jason is Awesome
I bet if they showed someone in particular (hint hint) he would be very much pleased.

Ps hint hint means julian smith

Rhett, Link, and Jason play an entire game of Monopoly.

Rhett is captain kirk, and link is Scotty, the enterprise has just been boarded by enemies.

Rhett and Link go hiking

Link eats a bunch of chocolate then explodes

rhett is the grandfather of link, who is a newborn

The Time Rangerers sing Mahna Mahna

Link is a guest on a late night talk show.
Rhett spins the wheel this time



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