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So what's your current RaLearworm? You have one, don't you? We all have one. Mine's the Economy Bailout Song, can't, stop, singing..! Maybe this'll help to get it out of my head. A couple of days ago, Roscoe's chicken and waffles was occupying my brain. It's fun for a while, but after a week it just gets painful.


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Right now it's Wal-Mart song and the Looking for Ms Locklear song, think it might be because I have just seen the movie (again)
Currently, mine's the Cornhole Song. I actually recorded it on my phone and made it my ring tone...is that weird? Haha.......CORNHOLE!! =)
Right this second: A Leprechaun Named Steve.

"...invincibility and invisibility are overrated..."
Since getting rid of 'em is completely impossible, exchanging is our only option ;)

..Some cry out, We've become a socialist state!
Ouch, still there!

Beth Roth(Grimalkin) said:
Mine is the Hoover Dam song from the Secret Songs album. "The nation is cheering...underwhelming over-engineering..." "Drink a ginger ale and stand up on your feet..."

Do you really think we'll get rid of all RaLearworms, or will we just exchange them for new ones? :)
O my, do I have this. When they put out a new song I listen to it so much I wake up hearing it and it doesn't go away until the next song. Then again it happens all over again.
Mine is Hello (S.E.T.I song) Althou i quite enjoy it, its been stuck in my head for a couple of days now.
I have the Remix of the American Idol one stuck in my head.
Mine is the new secret song, "Get You Back."

OOooooooh, you've done it now....oooooooohhh you've done it now....I'mmmmmm gonna get you baaaaack!
I do the sudoku from the newspaper everyday, so the Sudoku Song is currently playing over and over in my head.
I frequently get the Unibrow song stuck in my head. Not sure why. It's not really my favorite. Just catchy, I guess!
All day today... it's been the BBQ Song. And so, I am listening to it now in an attempt to 'exorcise' it. :)
yesterday I woke up with the Space Junk song in my head. No idea why.


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