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Why do you watch Rhett and Link frequently?

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There are two things, actually:

- Rhett

and also

- Link

I think it is the fact that they have stayed clean, and stay humble to themselves. I love seeing the amazing friendship that has held strong throughout the years. The comedy is always something new and ironic, and you will never be able predict whats going to happen next. They have inspired me to branch out, play the guitar, and most importantly help me smile through pain. I will forever love R&L!

I have an addictive personality.

I like watching Rhett and Link because they are humorous. Their GMM show is great. All the topics they choose to talk about are either funny, interesting, or both.

I'm not a morning person, but one thing I look forward to after being awoken by my alarm clock is a new GMM. It really sets my days on the right track!

They grew on me. I actually couldn't wake up in the morning without GMM or go a day without singing one of there songs. I'd do anything ANYTHING to know them personally.

its the one thing that gets me through middle school and not losing my mind

WE ARE ON THE SAME PAGE! you ,my friend, have a brain just like mine!


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