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I want to see what you mythical beasts listen to, mainly because i haven't seen anyone post anything really relevant to our musical interests...

And what i mean by that is you pick your favorite song(s), maybe a song from a favorite band, and   then post them...

discuss them, and put some effort into this... because it is you guys that drive the discussion;

nobody else.

And as always, have a Good Mythical Morning!


one of my favorites.... Warning: turn down your headphones for this one. :)

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Winnie the Pooh is Amazing!

My favorite song is my ocd and I'm on vacation . No jole

There are so many songs to choose from... I'd definitely have to say my favourite is 'Addicted' by Bliss n Eso. Iv'e played this on repeat for years! You really have to listen to the lyrics, they're so different from other songs. I'm also recently into 'Breezeblocks' by Alt-j. I think it's a bit alternative and I fell in love with it first time I heard it. The music video to it is also really clever.

breezeblocks is the best! have you heard tessalate by alt-j?

I love Breezeblocks!  It's funny because I'm not a huge Alt-j fan or anything, but that song is amazing.. 

right now, trapdoor by twenty one pilots. for now anyway

Such a hard question -- probably "Clocks" by Coldplay -- but there's so many more I love!! =)

"Fix You" by Coldplay is one of my favorites right now.  Oddly enough, I *didn't* like it much for several years and then suddenly a few months ago I fell in love with it..   I like just about anything off of Coldplay's early albums (specifically Rush of Blood), but even the last couple have been pretty good.  


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