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I want to see what you mythical beasts listen to, mainly because i haven't seen anyone post anything really relevant to our musical interests...

And what i mean by that is you pick your favorite song(s), maybe a song from a favorite band, and   then post them...

discuss them, and put some effort into this... because it is you guys that drive the discussion;

nobody else.

And as always, have a Good Mythical Morning!


one of my favorites.... Warning: turn down your headphones for this one. :)

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My favorites always change sometimes its coldplay, the scientist is diffidently their best song, others times and at the moment it is U2 a great irish rock band that became big in the 80's and have kept going, though their last album was horrible.

That's the sad thing about bands, they change because as people, they feel obligated to change... it really is a pain to see it happen.  The link i shared (one of my favorite songs) the band, MegadetH, hasn't changed at all.  Putting out music like they used to, with a whole lot of creativity.

P.S. 80's, 90's ROCKED! :D

Hello, Stephen  :) This is a nice question.

I must say that during last decade or so, my music taste has been changing dramatically. I went from listening songs for kids to very gangsta rap, to rock, to various forms of metal and now to basically listening to compilation of songs I like from very different artist and genres. I'm lately getting really into both industrial metal and blues/jazz. 

But during all this time, there's been one song that's really stuck with me and to which I used to play a video game called Captain Claw all the time. It's Evanescence - Bring Me to Life. Bears a very special meaning to me ever since 2003. :)

Here it is 

I have heard this song many times, even though i didn't know it's name... I really never was into rap, or hip hop; as you could imagine i am not one for dance music... in a sense, it gives me headaches.  Love the song though.

Yesterday....all my troubles seemed so far away....never mind. YESTERDAY BY

hahaha, love it

Bad Day by Daniel Powter. Kinda sad, I know but I have loved this song since I was ten and I will probably for a while yet.

Too hard to answer! But if pressed, I'd have to say Sentimental Guy by Ben Folds.

It's a toss up between train's 50 way to say goodbye, foo fighters' everlong, and Anberlin's the feel good drag. I can't really place one over the other. It depends on how much I want to hear one specifically.

I say Coldplay violet hill. I think its a good song and you beasts should listen to it. If you like it, good for you. If not, its still fine. I`ll forgive you.Here`s a link.


DoddleOddle! I discovered her through her winning a RhettandLink contest, a while ago.  She is British, really pretty, and has a lyrical kind of a voice. (A winning mix right?)

So yeah, especially this new one Permanent Hug ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQu4AEfTD98&feature=g-user-u )

I admit it is a girl song, guys won't like it too much, but girls...

Go watch it!

My absolute favorite song would be between The Winnie the Pooh Theme song (I know that makes me sound like a loser but Winnie the Pooh is amazing) and The A Team by Ed Sheeran.


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