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The above link is to an 8 min Youtube video I made for Rhett and Link.

I do not do stuff like this. I have not updated my Youtube account in YEARS.

Listening to their interview with Larry King gave me an a-ha moment. A big enough a-ha moment that it has affected me mentally.

I had only told 2 people, up until I posted this, about my borderline personality disorder.

Rhett said something in the Larry King interview that made me face what I have been trying to hide.

It brought up what I think is a good question for them, posibly for a future Ear Biscuit.

I don't ask this for anything... but if there is anyone reading this who can make it happen somehow.. can you please pass this link on to Rhett. Please.

With that being said, what do YOU guys think makes up identity? And/or personality?

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I really appreciate your openness and bravery in posting your video here, especially since you mention you haven't talked about it much before.

I happened to notice, because I run the Kommunity social media accounts and checked the notifications, that you have a Twitter account, and I'd say that's honestly the best way to send your video to Rhett...though it's hard to know what he sees and what he doesn't. His personal account is @rhettmc.

For me, a person's identity is a huge, complex mashup of the influences from their background and experiences. That could be anything including the family dynamic they grew up in, cultural/racial heritage, hobbies and interests, personal presentation/appearance, and philosophical perspectives. For example, I'm mixed race and know that feeds a great deal into how I see myself as a person, even if others don't see it in me; but it's one thread in the bigger web of things that make me feel like me.

Good luck to you on your personal journey, Marlaina.

Thank you so much, Victoria. That means the world to me. 

I did post it to twitter but am unsure if he will see it. I really hope that he does. The only thing I can think of is if more people share it, maybe he will see it. I would feel bad and weird if I kept re sharing it with the gmm twitter page, as well as his, etc. If other people started to share it and tag him and the gmm page in it, as goofy as that seems lol, it might work.

Your answer is so perfect! I definitely agree. My background and talents make up who I am. I did have a pretty rough childhood, and I guess borderline personality disorder can stem from that. 

I go through very up and down fazes when it comes to my self image and how I look, act, etc. One day i can be satisfied and happy with my appearance and personality. Other days are the complete opposite. I experience paranoia over how others view me, and I hate when it happens and I KNOW it is ridiculous. I try to axknowledge it and move past it. When it hits me hard, I feel disassociation, empty, and neither male nor female. I will not recognize my face, nor care. I feel like an alien inside of a human body. My goals for my life change constantly, which I guess is another symptom of this disorder. I become obsessed with things, and it can last from a few weeks to a few months. GMM became one, and I have finally realized that I am using it as an escape from my reality, so I am trying to get over that and deal with my reality.

Thats why I want Rhett to see it. What he said in the interview was what made me realize what was happening to me.


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