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I'm not OCD about much, but there are two things that MUST be done in order for me to feel comfortable. 
1. If I start a game of Solitaire, I have to win one before I can shut the game off. If I already won one and start a new game, I have to win again before I stop playing.
2. I let my email inbox get to 1,000 and then empty it. I even let the spam that crept its way into my inbox folder stay so that I can finish the process. Funny thing is, I always keep my spam folder empty.
What are your OCD habits? Let's talk about that.

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I agree with the solitaire thing. 

I also have to always be doing something with my hands, whether it's folding origami, or playing cello, or rolling the corners of my papers, or knitting, or something. I can't just sit there, because my hands have nothing to do. 

I also have trouble changing tasks, like if i start one homework assignment, it's really hard for me to just drop it and do something else until it's done. I have to finish whatever I start. (probably adds to the solitaire thing)

One other thing: I have to organize things. (this doesn't apply to my room, though, which I find weird...) It bothers me when candies are in the wrong boxes at grocery stores, so I put them all back. I also organized my books alphabetically by author's last name.

I need my desk during class to be organized perfectly and other things like that sometimes, but that's really it.  I also need to have everything grammatically correct once I start.

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