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Hey guys, I have been watching gmm for a while now and woke up today without my GMM fix, I'm sure a lot of mythical beasts feel the same way I do, and I'm sure it's just a simple mistake of some kind, ( maybe the ISP heard Rhett complain about the price lol) but we need to bring it to their attention, maybe they can repost it or fix the issue...

Either way, show your mythical beastliness(?) let them know we are fans and we wanna see GMM, who agrees?

UPDATE! edit: you cannot watch the episode on blip:


Update: was available on blip but not anymore, something is not right with this, it had tech issues on YouTube and now the direct episode link on blip is giving 404 and the episode is no longer listed on their blip channel!!?? What's going on here?!? I didn't even see it because as soon as I was two minutes into the episode I decided to share the video with the kommunity... I don't understand, if someone has another way to see it , feel free to reply with a link

Update( again) : its back on blip, I don't know how long for... But here is the direct link to video :


Sorry for all the updates and confusion, or any hopes built then crushed, but it's there for now, so enjoy before its gone!

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Did they let you know if they are trying and/or how long it would take them to fix it
Update: we can watch it on blip!!

Back on blip (for now)
Hey. I actually just signed up to the website yesterday. I've been a gmm fan for a while though. Figured I would check on the site when I noticed today's episode was a dead link. Anyone know when the episode will post?
Haha. I'm sorry I just saw the update replies to the initial comment. But am I to understand its not on blip either now?
No it is back on there now
Sorry that sounds confusing, the video "IS" UP ON BLIP

Just seen the episode here, but that link didn't work earlier, but it does now



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