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I'm a young writer, and I really want to write a book. So I thought I mightr start with writing a small book on Traffic Man and Cone Boy. I predict it will be about 50 pages long, and might include the following:

  1. A villian
  2. Gumbo(he's aproved of it)
  3. An explosion
  4. The Randler
  5. R&L go to jail

I have the plot kind of figured out, but if you have suggestions, feel free to comment! It would be kind of cool if I had multiple ideas from some Mythical Beast!

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That's AWESOME! DO IT! I'm sure it;ll be great

Link gets 11 speeding tickets.

Also, maybe work in some Gutless Wonders references? Like, Link's dog gets kidnapped and they need to rescue him from the vehicle of a stranded motorist.

Im working more around the villian frames them for something epic(it involves an exploding car). The randler will play a pretty large role in the story( i dont want to say for fear of spoiling the book!) But that is a REALLY awesome idea to work some gutless wonders references into the story! I will try,but i also have the ideaof the randler giving them some kind of super powers, like rhett can control fire and electricity(able to jump start a dead battery) and link can control any liquids(able to duplicate oil and gas)and can freeze things. Its a thought, but im scared it might take away too much from TM and CB. Idk. What do you guys think?



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