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Hey y'all - 

So I scored a VIP ticket for the Tour of Mythicality finale in NC, but I'm going to be going by myself :/ I wasn't able to get tickets for my dad and I both, unfortunately! 

Wondering if anyone else will be going/willing to take on an extra friend for the day, so I don't feel like a total dweeb for being there alone lol. That'd be swell :) 

BYMB Y'all. 

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Maybe I put this in the wrong forum? 

I haven't seen a tour stop for Durham or anywhere in NC listed on any of the ticket sale sites . . . are you traveling to ATLANTA or which show are you attending?

Oct 13 - The Paramount -  Huntington, New York   
Oct 14  - PlayStation Theater - New York, New York   
Oct 20  - Emo's - Austin, Texas   
Oct 21 - The Majestic Theatre - Dallas, Texas    (2 shows)
Nov 3   - Regency Ballroom -  San Francisco, California   
Nov 4 - House Of Blues - San Diego, California   

Nov 5 - The Wiltern Theatre -  Los Angeles, California   
Nov 10   - Lincoln Theatre - Washington, District of Columbia   
Nov 11  - Keswick Theatre - Glenside, Pennsylvania    (2 shows)
Dec 1  - Revolution Hall -  Portland, Oregon   

Dec 2 - Neptune Theatre - Seattle, Washington    (2 shows)
Dec 8   - The Fitzgerald Theater - Saint Paul, Minnesota   
Dec 9  - Vic Theatre - Chicago, Illinois  (2 shows)

Dec 15 - House of Blues - Orlando, Florida 

Dec 16 - The Buckhead Theatre - Atlanta, Georgia  (2 shows)

AHA! it's the super secret mystery mythical show. Congrats!

That now makes 21 shows in 64 days.

I'll be at the Durham show with my family, but we have regular tickets and we're coming from out of town that day. You won't be alone at the show, though. I'm sure other beasts will be there. It's the homecoming show after all. :) 

True! I'm hoping wherever I end up in line at the VIP stuff and in the seats near me are people willing to make a new friend! I wanted to go with my family, but even the regular tix sold so quickly I couldn't get three seats together, and my folks knew how much I wanted to meet R&L so my VIP ticket is my Christmas present.

Looking forward to it either way!

Oh, I know! I didn't get my tickets until about 45 minutes after they went on sale! They were selling really fast! Congrats on getting VIP! That was nice of them to count it as your present. Totally looking forward to it. 

If you find yourself wandering around a bit before or after the show and I'm there at the same time, I'd love to say hello and meet another beast! Just send me a message. :)

 K-Mod Victoria shared your search for mythical company on the RhettandLinKommunity Facebook page . . . one person has since replied and here's to hoping that it will get more responses for you.

Awesome! Thanks for letting me know!


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