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Hi all,

I am currently making a Time Rangerers Game on Gamemaker! It is a (kind of) 8-bit platformer where you can play as Rhett or Link and play through the episodes of Time Rangerers! If someone could provide me with backgrounds and some background music it would help a lot!

Thanks for helping my mythical ventures,

Laurence (The Leviathan)

PS I will send the game to Rhett and Link and then if they do not i will post the game on a forum.

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*Like .

Nice idea man. Here's an idea, the gazebo is a place to buy stuff throughout the game and replay levels and also chuck testa gives you hints on what to do and where to go. But as for music just use some of the music from there old music videos.

much of the music that R&L use, including the GMM intro/exit tune, can be found at:


Great ideas!

Those are amzing ideas!

Hi all, 

Here is a small demo of the game that took me several hours to make. IT IS NOT DONE YET! It is only the first level and tutorial. I am going to continue making it and post updates, however it is only a 2D platformer at the moment. I am not very artistic and most of the backgrounds, enemies etc will change over time. Also there are glitches I have not ironed out yet. I am open to constuctive criticism, but no hate mail please. Anyway, enjoy!

Laurence (The Leviathan)

Any opinions?

i couldnt run it on my pc, but it looks promising. Make the Gazebo like a hub where you start each level.


Dude, this sounds awesome!  Sadly though my computer won't let me download the demo. :(

I would love to make some 8-bit Rhett and Link covers for you if you'd like them.  Unfortunatly I wouldn't be able to make them until after Christmas.  I'm expecting a new iPod touch for Christmas and I would use GarageBand to make the songs.  If that sounds good at all then let me know.

There's an 8-bit Rub Some Bacon on It cover on YouTube.  You could try contacting the person who made it and ask if you could use it.

I'm impressed that you're taking on this project!  Best of luck!

Yes, that would be amazing if you could make a soundtrack! Don't worry that it won't be until after Christmas. Thanks for the help and I will try uploading the demo again as my computer shut down during the upload.


Alright sounds awesome!

A pic of me playing the demo!! Ahh gotta collect the nachos so I can get BACK TO THE GAZEBO!! This is very awesome!!



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