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As you probably know, GMM got a new update today. Based on the comment section of the new (main) GMM episode, a lot of mythical beasts didn't like it. There were a lot of complaints about the lighting, faster pacing, poor sound quality, and the extra segments being separate, for example.

But I know the Kommunity is home to the most-dedicated fans, and I'm curious if the opinion here is different. So, what's your view of the new GMM?

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I don't like it. I've been watching GMM since it first started and I've never had a problem with the changes until now.

They REALLY need to fix their lighting and audio issues and give the crew back their own microphone so they stop sounding like a bad laugh track because you can barley hear them. Their lighting is not 100% fixed, it still has a yellowish tint to it. They really need to get it back to how it use to look.

They need to make their first video the exact same as their old ones, put the wheel in it and actually have it go to be 10-12 minutes. Today's video was a little under 7. The other segments should be uploaded as their own thing and not part of the GMM episode if that makes sense because they never really correspond together and it feels weird watching the first episode and not getting the wheel or anything. I feel like all their videos are rushed and just becoming unfunny. They don't want to go back to their old format but they don't seem to be wanting to fix their current format. You can tell people don't like it because their views are dropping like crazy. Only a handful of the videos they've uploaded have gotten over 1 mil views while todays are barely reaching 300k if that. I've never disliked a video of theirs until now. It's depressing to see, I don't want to unsubscribe but I don't really find it entertaining anymore and don't really want to spend the time to watch them over something else.

Wow - I hadn’t noticed the lack of views before! But a lot of the new videos are definitely lower than before the change. I’m guessing part of that’s due to how skippable the “extra” videos are. They don’t seem to flow from one to the next, like you mentioned, so it’s easy to skip (on purpose or by accident) a video or two. But hopefully they can work with this new multi-video format until it’s even better than the old GMM!
I think it's a bit misleading to compare the view count of a single earlier GMM episode to the individual view counts of the current GMM segments. Whereas before, only 1 video gained all the views for a day, now 4 videos can cumulatively gain views for a day. For example, the last GMM video right before the format change, "Halloween Candy Hacks," currently has 1.5 million views. The first series of 4 GMM videos after the format change currently has a cumulative 3.8+ million views; "Will it Omelette" alone has 1.5 million. Even the series of videos just posted on Wednesday already has a cumulative 1.2 million views, which will continue to go up over time.

I dunno, the main episode posted today hasn't even reached 500k views and before they'd be a lot higher than that. And cumulative for all 4 shouldn't count for the views they're getting, yes they're getting more views overall but there's a drop in views overall since most of the views on them come from people who watched the main episode.

Yeah, I'm not saying you're totally wrong...but I guess the degree of success depends on whether Rhett and Link/Mythical Entertainment/YouTube are looking at short-term or long-term progress in viewcounts. Views inevitably rise over time, even just within the span of a few days or one week. Several of their videos since the expansion now have more than 1 million views, which is a comparable metric to their older-but-still-recent GMM episodes. I don't expect every single new GMM video to reach that 1 million benchmark in a short period of time, and they probably don't either (but of course I don't know).

I guess we'll just have to see.

I love it, it will take a little bit of time to get used to it; however, I love that I get more GMM everyday. Rhett and Link have made a huge impact on my life already, and getting to watch more of their videos everyday is making a larger impact.

So we're now nearly two weeks into the change. I haven't watched all the episodes but it seems that this week they have taken a lot of the fans' comments on board and also got more into their stride. The lighting is better, the cuts are less abrupt and it feels more off the cuff and natural. Even with some things that obviously had a lot of planning put into them like Cryowatchamacallit therapy, you know it's planned but it still feels natural, a bit like Top Gear in its heyday. So yeah, I'm not entirely convinced but I'm enjoying it. 

The main problem now is with the extra episodes, plus Ear Biscuits and now Buddy System upcoming, there's so much R+L material, I don't have time to watch it all. At least I'll have some stuff saved up for a sick day/lazy day. 

Not to be insulting to all the work they put into it, but it just feels too candid and fake. I miss the two videos a day with their real rabbit trail conversations and jokes. Thats what made it what it was. And now i feel like they just missed the point they were aiming for. Even looking at their youtube stats, they are getting many more dislikes to likes ratios on their videos and less views per day. right before the show started, they were at the point where depending on the video they would get a million views a day! now they have videos from weeks ago that are still under a million views. its just sad. they feel the need to make political comments and inappropriate jokes just to get a laugh. it just feels to fake. 

Anyway, i still love them and i will continue to support them and buy their merch. but im just sad that we lost that feeling to the show that brought us together in the first place.

I love rhett and link, and i know this is still new. I just hope they hear our feedback as original mythical beasts and iron out the wrinkles in it all.

<3 u rhett and link :)

I'm usually suspect to change, but I actually really enjoyed the first week of the new longer and multi-clip format! It's easily shareable, good for new viewers to get a taste of what Rhett and Link do and what they are like, probably good for guests on a schedule, and the new set looks great! They seemed to have fixed the lighting and color and sound issues by now. Those were some of the biggest things I noticed when it started. I also noticed they improved the sound for the crew whenever they talk off camera, which has been something many of us have wanted for a long time. 

I'm still finding myself picking and choosing which of their clips to watch. I started watching all of them in order for a few weeks, but stopped that recently. I prefer any guest spot and if they go out of the studio or do a unique challenge or only something unique with food, like the turkey cooking they're doing this week, but not the taste tests or 'this food vs that food'. I can see them trying to change that up and make it more interesting, but that's just still not for me. I can tell R&L are still in that host phase of announcing games and having fun with the challenges and stuff, which is where most people would now say that they sound scripted, which in some times it does for sure (but I'm also thinking that's from just coming out of Buddy System so maybe it'll take time to come down from it, or it's just habitual language at this point), but it also sounds like they're trying to sound more enthusiastic about everything they do. I can also see how the new clips are great for advertising their products, it's almost a little too much, but to the average viewer that might be okay and probably smart to place that there. 

So, I still enjoy GMM, but I'm picking and choosing videos to watch at this point. If you miss a day or two, that's a lot of videos to catch up on and I did that once and my brain hurt, lol. Still proud of them for changing and doing what they want and still making it fun for them. That's all I really care about, that they're happy feeding their creativity. 

Yeah, I pick and choose, too! I was already skipping some videos before the change (some ideas were a little too crazy for my taste), so it’s kinda nice to watch something GMM every weekday, even if it’s not every video :) And there’s definitely more room for shareability and creativity like you said, so that’s a big plus!

By the way, if you haven't listened to this week's Ear Biscuits episode -- "Our Honest Response to Your Feedback" -- you really should. I consider it required listening, whether you don't like or do like the expanded GMM format.

It's a highly enlightening episode in which Rhett and Link speak very honestly about a large variety of comments and topics they've heard since the expanded GMM started. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes business insight and a lot of personal, human insight from them.

If you prefer the video version of Ear Biscuits on YouTube, rather than audio-only podcast version, the video will be released on the This Is Mythical channel on Sunday (12/03).

I also really enjoyed that episode. Their going into it without a discussion plan was really the way to go. The information we got was a lot more raw that way, and I'm sure their earnestness softened the hearts of many new-format-haters.

I'm still not wild about the change, but it was nice hearing them have some genuine excitement about the future of the show. Before they announced the new format, I'd been quietly suspecting that GMM might end within a few seasons, given that they've never stuck with a project for this long and are always in search of being on the cutting edge of Internetaintment. Every time I'd see an episode relating to a food challenge/tasting, I'd imagine them plopping down at the desk and sighing, "This again, huh?" before putting on a smile for the camera. That suspicion always seemed a little pessimistically farfetched, though, so it was interesting to hear that they actually were considering ending it.



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