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Thoughts On My Theory About The Idea Behind Aimee Brells' Name In Buddy System

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OMG you're a genius!!! You solved the riddle!

I like your theory. ;)

the TRUTH is in the proof! the math never lies.

Wow this is really impressive. Great theory Jaymie :D

Rhett may have debunked this theory in their recent YouTube livestream... I believe he mentions running into one of their exes and then begins talking about Leslie Bibb playing Aimee. He mentioned that being a coincidence, but that also, "their" Leslie only had the "i" at the end not the "e".... 'Lesli'.... I may be wrong, but if this is true... That leaves us with an extra "e".. Hmmm?

If you look there’s an extra E that isn’t used in the real people’s names so it’s plenty possible


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